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This is a moderator account for the Nexus Sages dressing room game.

I'm over 30, and have been playing pretend in one form or another for most of my life. I got my start in online roleplaying in the early '90s in the Red Dragon Inn chatrooms on AOL. From there, I picked up White Wolf's World of Darkness (the old World of Darkness, now), and got into Dungeons and Dragons not long after the advent of its 3rd edition (I still favor 3.5). I have played in games, and I have run games, and I have learned a great deal in the process.

My gaming philosophy is one of tolerance and inclusion. I feel a game should be open to everyone, and I don't believe anyone should be derided for what they are or what they want to play. Part of upholding that view is that I take a firm stance against bullying and the use of toxic language (sexist, ableist, racist, etc.).

I read every message I receive with care, but I do have a day job that doesn't involve computers, so my ability to address your concerns will sometimes be delayed. Please be patient, you will not be ignored. You can reach me by PM or by posting on my screened contact page, as you prefer.
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